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Moved onto Doctor Who from Torchwood. Fun times, although I wish the fic was longer. Maybe I'll have to get myself some of the novels.

But I just read this Magic School Bus/Dr. Who crossover and Ms.Frizzle as timelord? MAKES SO MUCH SENSE OMG! More people need to write this.

Also I watched Undercovers. Boris and GuGu are fine as hell. The story seems a bit slow. I think had they been engaged, not married, the story would have been a lot more interesting from the get go because then you could have the "will they break it off or won't they" arc. But I'm willing to give it a couple of episodes to get into a groove.
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...aka my Torchwood Watching Experience.

I've finished season 1 and am 3/4 through season 2 of Torchwood and it's a great show. Some episodes maybe kind of weak, but for the most part the show is really compelling (despite being very gruesome...I was watching it while little kids were running around and it scared all of them away--so it was a blessing in disguise). The show has such a high deathcount, it reminds me of Touched By An Angel, except with aliens and cyborgs.

However, I may have a set of Unpopular Opinions about this show. Lets start off with the fact that my favorite character is Gwen. How can you not like this woman? I was rooting for her from day one when Harkness slipped her the roofie. I feel as if she is the only character that acts in a resonable and sane way.

As for everyone else?

Bums, the lot of them.

A quick recap of Torchwood Seasons 1 and 2 )

Hope to finish season 2 this week, but we'll see how the new semester will treat me.
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As someone who considers herself on the left politically I do not understand and I am growing more frustrated that so many people want to spark a destructive debate on the irrelevant issue that is the "wisdom" of building Cordoba House near Ground Zero.

I felt that Obama's speech (Click to read it) reminding that freedom of/from religion was part of America's foundation was fantastic. It is exactly the answer to the controversy.

But then he was asked off the cuff about whether he thought the Cordoba House was wise and he said:

"I was not commenting, and I will not comment, on the wisdom of making the decision to put a mosque there," Mr. Obama said. "I was commenting very specifically on the right people have that dates back to our founding. That's what our country is about."

Which caused the media to run with an "Obama Walks Back Speech" meme and quite a lot of people, from all over the political spectrum, ran with this. I read posts like these where liberals I look up to expressed disappointment with what they saw was a backing away from his words the night before.

I don't see any walking back going on here. I see the refusal to the issue become more heated than it already is. Sarah Palin and company know what they're doing by ratcheting up the rhetoric surrounding Cordoba House. They want people to ignore their self-interests in favor of fear of some islamic bogeyman. Obama shouldn't allow people to instigate hate and fear of each other. But of course, the debate is beneficial to the media's bottom line so we're going to have this debate whether Obama likes it or not.

This is how I feel: Wise or not, the Cordoba House has a right to be where it wants to be. Obama's opinion is irrelevant. 70% of Americans (if what I hear from polls are right) believing Cordoba House to be an unwise real estate decision is irrelevant. Sarah Palin continues, yet again, to be irrelevant. So I'd rather not see people (Harry Reid, looking at you) buying into the belief that it's relevant issue.

Someone who was disappointed with Obama's comments said:

"Is our moral compass that weak that we NEED to site(sic) the 1st Amendment to protect Muslims?"

Well, consider America's history: When was the last time minority rights and freedoms were granted by popular vote?
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I've been looking for another place to live and I haven't been really succesful. The area my campus is located is one of the most expensive places in Florida. The place I'm in is a minute away from the school (and walking distance), but it's a total dump. The sad thing is that I've seen other apartments and they are fine. But my landlords are bums. I spent a month without AC and had to threaten to withhold rent (to pay for repairs) before they bothered to fix it. The last straw was learning that rats are trying to invade through my roommate's bathroom. Luckily for us, the entrance is right above the toilet so they fall in and drown.

My lease ends in two weeks and I can't wait. But I'd like to find another place as soon as possible. I actually own a 2 bedroom condo but someone is living in it. They haven't been paying rent either. I think that I might hang out at my parents house, boot the person out and move in there. If I could get a roommate the extra cash would be nice.
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It's been an unofficial New Year's Resolution of mine to stop wasting money eating out 3 times a day and start cooking my own meals. So I've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen and browsing books, website and asking people for recipes. I've decided to write a bit about them, mainly for my own future reference (it doesn't hurt that this gets me using my dreamwidth account either).

Molten Flourless Chocolate Cake
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Aunt Blanche's Blueberry Muffins
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Sweet and Sour Chicken
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