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Moved onto Doctor Who from Torchwood. Fun times, although I wish the fic was longer. Maybe I'll have to get myself some of the novels.

But I just read this Magic School Bus/Dr. Who crossover and Ms.Frizzle as timelord? MAKES SO MUCH SENSE OMG! More people need to write this.

Also I watched Undercovers. Boris and GuGu are fine as hell. The story seems a bit slow. I think had they been engaged, not married, the story would have been a lot more interesting from the get go because then you could have the "will they break it off or won't they" arc. But I'm willing to give it a couple of episodes to get into a groove.
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...aka my Torchwood Watching Experience.

I've finished season 1 and am 3/4 through season 2 of Torchwood and it's a great show. Some episodes maybe kind of weak, but for the most part the show is really compelling (despite being very gruesome...I was watching it while little kids were running around and it scared all of them away--so it was a blessing in disguise). The show has such a high deathcount, it reminds me of Touched By An Angel, except with aliens and cyborgs.

However, I may have a set of Unpopular Opinions about this show. Lets start off with the fact that my favorite character is Gwen. How can you not like this woman? I was rooting for her from day one when Harkness slipped her the roofie. I feel as if she is the only character that acts in a resonable and sane way.

As for everyone else?

Bums, the lot of them.

A quick recap of Torchwood Seasons 1 and 2 )

Hope to finish season 2 this week, but we'll see how the new semester will treat me.

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