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I've been looking for another place to live and I haven't been really succesful. The area my campus is located is one of the most expensive places in Florida. The place I'm in is a minute away from the school (and walking distance), but it's a total dump. The sad thing is that I've seen other apartments and they are fine. But my landlords are bums. I spent a month without AC and had to threaten to withhold rent (to pay for repairs) before they bothered to fix it. The last straw was learning that rats are trying to invade through my roommate's bathroom. Luckily for us, the entrance is right above the toilet so they fall in and drown.

My lease ends in two weeks and I can't wait. But I'd like to find another place as soon as possible. I actually own a 2 bedroom condo but someone is living in it. They haven't been paying rent either. I think that I might hang out at my parents house, boot the person out and move in there. If I could get a roommate the extra cash would be nice.
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